Our Services
Lala is available to perform parties, weddings, churches/community events, fundraisers, youth groups, you name it!
Face Painting!
Book Lala to do balloon twisting and facepainting for your event. If you would like to have 2 artist for your event please let us know.
Live Balloon Art
Live Balloon Art is when we show up at your event and make balloon creations. We can customize our picture menu for each event to either maximixe the number of guest that receives a balloon or to provide creative art to those that do receive balloons. 
Balloon Buddy Cups
Your guest will not forget this party favor! They will receive a Balloon character of your choice and candy in a cup.
Balloon Birthday Cakes
Order your fat free and guilt free cake today! What a fun alternative to sweets!
Balloons To Go
The Balloons To Go option, balloons twisted prior to your event to either hand out as a party favor or to keep your guest entertained. This is generally requested when clients do not have time for live balloon art but still want to supply their guest with a Lala twist.
Face Painting
Lala will create beautiful face painting for your guest to enjoy!
Balloon Centerpieces
Adding Centerpieces to your event is a great way to decorate. Balloon Centerpiece are generally much less expensive and more fun than other centerpieces. 
Balloon Decor
This option is for clients that want balloon art larger than centerpices. Lala will need to have access to the location before the event to set up. 

Balloon Characters

Contact us for special request that'll make your event the hot topic!

Balloon Floral Arrangements
Wow! What a great way to show your loved ones that you appreciate them.  These unexpected gifts do not need watering or plant food so your loved one doesnt have the hassell of trying to keep it alive. Perfect for those that are allergic to pollen.